Evaluation, straight a test
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    Evaluation, straight a test

    by Vernonweddy » Sat May 30, 2020 1:32 am

    Alex crooke speaks to the business side of things. Here's what he had to say about his role in the movie.

    Cuba: How did the movie get made?

    Paul Reubens: Well it came out of a call between us and the studio. We wanted to bring together two directors of the same studio. I had the job to work with him because, at that time, I wanted a director to work with me – to make one for me. It's funny because in that case, I had to hire David Fincher. I hired him because he was a really great director who I really liked. That was always one of the very interesting things because I always thought that David Fincher's career started with A Clockwork Orange, but it actually began with his debut with Citizen Kane.

    There were no films made by David Fincher. It was my experience that he didn't really have interest in a number of things because he was involved in a series of movies I could not handle. I really appreciated his passion and his artistic ability. At this time, I was very fortunate to have him as the head director of a number of independent films. He was also interested in doing something new which was great because we all had something to do.

    What he wanted to do, he realized, was bring together all the different elements and the different ideas we all had in terms of comedy and tragedy – and, in the case of a small role with David Fincher, his love of Shakespeare, and his love for music and drama.

    Cuba: You were originally interested in making a comedy, but then you discovered that the audience would accept a serious narrative, something really heavy.

    Paul Reubens: The first comedy to come out of this new medium, was on the small screen. It was an American television special on television. It was one of the few that actually brought together different elements that could be done – and, it was quite interesting. It wasn't a big, traditional drama. It was a very light story, involving two very young boys. It opened with a very moving introduction.

    Then you had something that was very light, the end credits, and it was just, "Do they understand what's happening?" Because you're still in school. You still have a student life that you don't know. It just was really great and, to me, was a very difficult thing to do. I tried to explain that I wanted to make a story where the viewer could get more emotional, something that would become very personal. I felt it would be more of an American television special because we live in the USA and because the English-speaking audience was very young in America, so it was very American, but also th

    Beckham sent off but real hang on. Now this is not a criticism of the defender, it is just the way the game is going right now.

    When you are out there competing at international level you have to be aware of what your opponent can do and how you can use the full four legs of an international football season.

    With the likes of Brazil (where there are plenty of good quality players) and Argentina (I don't think they played too well last week) playing in a group with England you always have to be ready to respond with quality opposition at every position.

    I just think a great way of keeping me honest is that the opposition will look at me and say "Why aren't you being as good as you would have liked or better? I know you have lots of experience with this, but why are you not using that, and that is exactly what you should be doing."

    We see the same thing in each game, but you need to know and get it right because the truth is your level of playing is not going to change. For sure, you will learn. It will be easier. You won't be able to make the difference like you used to with so many players.

    It took me four years to get to where I am today and if anyone can teach me that then it is you. You need to keep striving and never give up or get out of touch with what you want to achieve. You need to believe in yourself. This mentality is something that needs to be instilled to your kids.

    You won't be as good at the end of every week if you just have too many things going wrong and getting that mentality in every game that it will become second nature. It will start to be ingrained right away with good players and good players only, which is a good thing.

    So I feel that the future of England is now with England. It is a massive achievement and one that you and your team-mates have had no say in making. It makes you believe in yourself as a footballer but it takes a little bit to take it in stride and understand it is a massive responsibility you will never take lightly.

    A man who has won five caps for England and a World Cup with the club in 2004, Jones, 24, said: 'It was fantastic and I've seen my teammates' reactions. The lads knew I would be sent off but all of them felt so sorry for me.

    'I would have loved to have been in the team but I know I am not an international footballer and I need to work on that, that was part of it. It took me a little while, but I did come in and work out.

    'I was very lucky not to have done something els

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